Requesting screenshots for MageHero21 fe7 pme and PowerUPHero fe8 pme

Could you get me some screenshots from MageHero21 fe7 pme and PowerUPHero fe8 pme version? Specifically screenshot for my two ocs Amber and Merrin. Rather be game play story cutscenes (for the fe8 one) or their endings/paired endings for other characters, i just want how many screenshots you can provide me and for me to see for myself.

Links to the pmes.
FE7 PME MageHero21
FE8 PME PowerUPHero

Can’t you just play it for yourself?

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Sadly i can’t. I try plenty of times but unable to do so.

Could anyone still get me thoses screenshots please.

Why do you want them?

Simple really. I just want to see these myself since im unable to do so.

Are you… Unable to actually play the game? Is there anything in particular you have trouble doing in order to play it?

While a try to download a emulator app on a google play store but when try to download it is says your account is not associated with a device. So try to download so other emulator instead but i just gets the same results. So by that point i just give up and accept that i wasn’t going to get a emulator. And so that why asking anyone to get me plenty of screenshots to at least satisfy me enough.

Just log into your Google account.

I did log into my google account it still doesn’t work.

look it up on google i recommend my boy. Bruf this the rom hacking community, ain’t gonna find nothin on google playstore and official type places

If your playstore isn’t working for whatever reason you can get the apk through other methods.
Just be sure to turn on apps from unknown sources

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I did try to download that from other’s places and no it still did not work as well.

And am unable to do that as well sorry. In fact i was probably told that i uncapable to download my boy or other emulator through my i pad Device

Don’t you have a computer of any kind? Almost every computer built in the last 20 years should be able to run a GBA emulator.

Sadly no i don’t have those as well to.

Why are you trying to use Android apps on an iPad, my dude? The iOS ecosystem has its own emulators.
If I were you I’d sell my iPad and get a laptop circa 2012 for $100 or so instead

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