Requesting help from animators for "Scary Spooky Monsters" project


Ended up doing this on my own.

“Scary Spooky Monsters” project is about an effort to make promoted monsters actually look good
and not just be a “recolor”.
The end plan is to add these to the “Sacred War” project at the end
and will also add the names of the contributors to the credits
while also benefiting anyone that wants better monsters.

I already started on the Promoted Centaur
ScreenshotT1 and did the melee Axe animation
frame005frame017 frame022frame012

Also Map Sprites ScreenshotT3

and a class portrait:

Anyway. I’m done.


I really only have stills that @L95 and myself worked on together (read: I did something minor and she did something major)


Oohhh those winged Eyes are sexy.
Can you do something about them?


Looks like you didn’t get to the Deathgoyle yet. I’ve had a couple ideas for better monster classes. These look pretty cool.


I planned to but >work
So maybe at some point; I posted it more so others maybe could use them for inspiration, I have no idea when I’ll get to it.

Yeah I think the only thing I did was edit wing tips lol, I didn’t have much of an idea of what to do next.


Now I know why no one bothered with the monsters for over a decade:
There’s extremely small sample (almost none) of sprites with the amount of detail and frames like the GBAFE games.

Anyway, I’m still going forward with it albeit slowly.
Centaur Melee Axe - COMPLETE (as shown in OP)

Centaur Ranged Axe - COMPLETE

Centaur Bow - COMPLETE

Centaur disarmed - COMPLETE
frame000frame001 frame002

Deathgoyle Melee and Ranged - COMPLETE
frame000frame003 frame021

Deathgoyle Disarmed - COMPLETE
frame002 frame003 frame004

Deathgoyle Portrait - COMPLETE

Skeleton Bow - Complete
B00 B11 B30 B16

Skeleton Spear (Melee - Ranged) - COMPLETE
L00 L05 L09 L17
LR02 LR07 LR05 LD3

Hmph. Still halfway…
Still have to do Skeleton Swords, something with the eyes and something with the spiders.


I had a concept that I never went anywhere with a while back, you’re welcome to it



I’ll just leave this here.

Context: DnD ruleset.


Infinity cooler to play a small race with a medium sized bird companion. Flyin’ kicks ass. (Not sure if medium sized birds are available in DnD but there’s a few in Pathfinder). Nerd flexin’.

Back on topic. An anim that’s just 2 eyeballs that dont sync up would be pretty spoopy.


I’d love to see some animations for “new” monsters instead of just slapping armor on all of the existing ones. Give me a Harpy from TRS. Or the Fiend class from Echoes. Or a frickin’ Basilisk. Or a Golem. Get jiggy with it. Also a Deathgoyle Axe animation would be neat so that they have some more weapon diversity.

Or there’s, uh, this thing from TRS:

It had really bad breath.


I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
Updating the monsters is something i’ve wanted to do for a while but never got around to outside of stuff like the lazy edits to give the claw monsters a ranged animation
Also I already did a thing for T2 skeletons but if anyone wants to make a fancier version im all for it


Oh now that’s a great project. Hope every monsters are going to be better! :smiley: These looks good so far. So are these going to be free to use? I wonder :slight_smile:


I have an idea of “many Eyes mergin into a big one”. But just in my head. Will see how it goes.

Maybe in another time and another project.
Right now I’m trying to cover my animation needs.

After I’m done with the others, sure.


I’m using yours already as a basic template, adding my junk over it.
Does that make it T3?

Yeah, later when I’m done with them.


Good idea indeed. I want to contribute. These are my entries
Wight axe/sword
A wight meant to be less “dead” than a skeleton, so I made it with more flesh and muscles

Wight archer/Bone shooter

And, why not? an undead Summoner/Lich/Necromancer



Skeleton Sword - COMPLETE

Skeleton Portrait

So, with the eyes I tried a bunch of things
and ended up with something you would see in Hentai:
Arch Mogall - COMPLETE
and dodges by warping
Dodge1 Dodge2

Also its proud portrait

Now all that’s left is the Spider (finally)


Arch mogall gonna give the succ to any lad unfortunate enough to fall into its grasp.

Love that generic portrait, though. Very cool!


:kiss: Sample%20Eye :kiss:


In what time you go post the animatons are awesome


I know exactly what you want to say.
And I found your queen.

frame000 frame001
frame012 frame013
frame025 frame028
(Has modding gone too far?)