Request: Help w/ Support Conversation for Mod

I am looking for help in writing support conversations for one of the characters I am adding to a Fire Emblem 7 mod.

As part of my mod, I am adding 10 new playable characters to vanilla Fire Emblem 7 (of course new maps and classes as well). Since November I have written a disgusting number of support conversations (93 in total…yeah…), so I was looking to see if there was anyone on here with a forte in writing and love for Fire Emblem who would be interested in writing support conversations my final character.

Here is some background on the character:

Name: Tanya

Class: Thunder Mage (I am splitting the anima magic triangle - pretty successful so far)

Character Background: Tanya is a noble from Bern who ran away from home before the king started imprisoning nobles. See Heath’s support convo for reference. She has established a life in Caelin and is grateful to Marquess Hausen. Tanya’s father had a connection with the Black Fang and would often hire them to defend villages in their territory.

…Bern is not as it once was. Our sovereign has imprisoned all those nobles who do not meet his favor. And their fabled power is a feeble joke.

Character Personality:

  • Despite throwing away her nobility when she ran away from home, Tanya thinks extremely highly of herself - prettiest, smartest, kindest person.
  • Tanya always dresses in precious jewels, which she believes even her hair barrette is worth more than “commoners” in the army.
  • Tanya shows a lot of love for her father, who she never said goodbye to when she ran away.
  • Tanya is extremely intelligent, cunning, and strategic.
  • After Tanya opens up to people, she shows more of her true self - sweet and caring person. In actuality, she puts of a facade of being the greatest at everything as a way to cope with the guilt of leaving her father.

Character Quirks:
Tanya is obsessed with Lord Pent. She wants Pent to break things off with Louise and be with her. She is is obvious yet subtle in her love for her darling, Pent. She may ask “Hypothetically, would Louise survive a blast of thunder if I happened to miss my target.”

Support Options: