Request for sprites

I’m working on translating one of my hacks in Italian, and I would like to use the various menu stuff that is used in FE7 and FE8 (for exemple text like Player Phase or Level Up is translated) But I can’t open the EU version of the roms in FE Builder and I don’t know how to extract files from a GBA rom. Can someone help me even by telling me how to extract those piece of graphics?


The Graphics chapter in the Ultimate Tutorial (specifically the GBA Graphics Editor section) explains how to view and pull graphics from the GBA rom.

As far as where the actual offsets are, this topic delved a bit into how to find them. I’m honestly not sure if there’s better info out there, hopefully someone else can chime in.


I think that now thanks to the tutorial I can extract most of them myself, thank you!


Theres an option in fe builder gba for editing the press start screen just go to patches and search
OP_LOGO and it will pop up