Reply Emblem: The Sacred Soons

Welcome to Reply Emblem: The Sacred Soons!

This mod has two major goals: being a joke and showcasing my work. Additionally, it serves to help me to learn the fancy buildfile method. Basically, it’s an awful joke with some asm and such.

The main character of Reply Emblem is Sel Finsert, a budding young mage about to begin on a journey to master magic under the tutelage of the universe’s wizards. I’m an awful story writer, so that’s pretty much all I’ve got.

Planned Features

Mage Hunters:

  • Short-ranged magic seals equipped to fight mages
  • Poor physical defense and speed.

Split Magic System:

  • Anima - split into fire, thunder, wind, and ice
  • Fire and thunder are standard tomes that target resistance, while wind and ice target defense.
  • Thunder and ice tomes both have a long-range tome, too.
  • Light - light magic users gain access to staves immediately. Light magic is also effective against monsters.
  • Elder - Split into two subgroups
  • Offensive magic that functions normally
  • Augmented magic with special effects, such as luna, nosferatu, or status effects.

Scrolls and Scribes:

  • Scribes
  • No combat potential
  • Can be deployed to gather herbs for making ink
  • Ink is used to make scrolls and other items
  • Amount of herbs gathered depends on scribe’s luck
  • Higher skill gives better chance at making a non-scroll item.
  • Hight luck and skill growth.
  • Scrolls
  • Low uses, grants bonus wexp
  • Scroll type made is determined by first tome found in inventory

Weapon Rank icon based on rank:

  • Progressively more ornate icons


  • Now represents the unit’s preferred weapon type
  • Unit’s potential S-ranks are limited by preferred weapon

Resistance debuffs:

  • Certain effects afflict the target with res debuffs, up to -7


  • Able to be hired for a chapter
  • Player controlled, removed at end of chapter
  • Gain leadership tokens for levels gained by mercenaries, possibly 1 token per level, rounded down
  • Tokens grant 1 level upon use
  • Like phantoms, mercenaries cannot be traded with
Added Features

Equipped Item Preview
Custom Map Sprite Palette
Some minimug box stuff

reply soon


Mercenary system

Berwick Saga flashbacks intensify

That soon? What an optimist.

If you want any help with anything, (other than graphics) i would be happy to lend a hand if you need things done faster (since you already do everything i can do better :grin: )

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I offer my usual willingness to help with writing and beta testing since that’s all I’m good for

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Great, because I absolutely can’t write stories to save my life. I’ll probably post a draft of the story and chapters that I’ve come up with soon.