Removing FE8 Intro sequence with FE Builder

Stating simply I am just trying to remove:
-The ‘In an age long past…’ bit about the sacred stones
-Expostion about Magvel
-Prologue “cinematic” where Grado takes Renais castle & Valter wounds Seth

I’m trying to do this with Fe Builder since that is currently the only hacking program I have familiarity with but if there is an easier way to go about it with another program I am willing to learn.

I also want to remove the world map, but one problem at a time for now.

I have no Idea how to change or remove the opening directly, but there are patches included that skip it if you want. When it comes to the cutscenes in prologue, those are events that you can access through the right side of the simple editor-screen(in the chapter start event)

Yeah if there is a patch that would work great!

Toggle New Game Text set to SKIP and write.


Beautiful, thank you!