Removing FE7's tutorial?

I’m using FEBuilderGBA and I’m trying to make a hack for a friend of mine. Problem is that Lyn mode’s tutorial messes it up. Is there a way to remove it?

There is a patch… It won’t be difficult for you to find it

The FE7 tutorial is made up of ASM and Events.
To remove the ASM one, go to “MENU->Tools->Patch” and apply the “Tutorial Disabler” Patch.

The tutorial for the event is still there, but you can remove it by editing the event.
If you are making a work based on FE7, you will overwrite the events, so it doesn’t matter if they are still there.

For the ASM one, the above patch is necessary because the data is stored in a location that cannot be edited with the normal editor.
The tutorial for the ASM one brings strong restrictions to the game, such as restrictions on unit movement.
For example, not being able to take focus off of lyn in the prologue is implemented in the ASM tutorial.

Incidentally, I gave a similar explanation on discord last week or so.
If you see other people having similar problems, please let them know.

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Worked like a charm. Thank you!