Regarding the Google Drive Repo for Animations

Hey, Jj09 here! I was one of the managers to the old Google Drive for the FeU animation community. I’m making this topic to mention some issues and future plans of the old Repo.

This is mainly a topic for anyone who still uses Shin’s Animation Website or find access to the original Google Drive Repo folders. I am contemplating on finding a way to delete the Google Drive Repo. There are multiple reasons why, but the main reason is to get everyone to use a single working Repo: the Github Repo.

You may notice that every time you attempt to download an animation, Google will ask you to send a request to gain access to a download. This is because the main folder that was publicly available no longer exist. The individual folders can still be found, mainly on the website, but all of them are restricted. At the moment, I can only make one specific folder public for one specific person at a time. Imo, that is not a reasonable reason to keep it around. Do keep in mind, I do not mind getting an email to allow usage for folder but that is only around five times a day. It does eventually becomes a hassle if anything.

I haven’t seen @shin19 around in a while, but I will try to contact him to see if he will be ok with closing down the website and getting rid of the rest of the folders on Google. I thank both @Klokinator and Shin for creating the og Repo in the first place and having a good and reliable site to store graphics and tools for the Fe Community.


If anyone have any in-depth questions about this post, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Sorta jumped the gun for me; I was going to make a post about making a new website, or something. Unfortunately, that costs money, so it’s not something I can personally do.

An auto-updating website that pulls from the Github is the dream, I think. It should be doable. It just takes a coder. Failing that, improving the Github Repo itself is a good secondary option, so it can properly display all the artwork in all folders.


We talking something like this:

But pulls from the github repo? Just display of each image?

Sounds like a week or two to get running, if so.

Might be able to help



The old site had its merits, but its biggest issue was it was literally only Battle Animations.

What we need is a site with categories for all the different artwork. Even if it’s a lot of work, I’m fine with going in and trying to standardize the names of different file types. The portrait repo is still pretty messy and I haven’t had time to fix it up, or the inclination, but if someone were working on a website, I’d jump back in to fix it up!

If you’re interested in making a site, jump into the Repocord and we can DM about how to get the site looking good.

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Yeah. That’s one thing that comes to mind. Because only the battle animations have previews. Other folders like the portraits, backgrounds, maps, even the skills and spells section don’t have previews; meaning you have to go inside the folder to look at them individually, which is a bit of a hassle

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That’s only because nobody has coded the github to have those previews. If added, the github would be perfectly possible to have them.

An external website would still be best though!

Man, this is so inconvenient! That’s the sole reason I preferred to use the Drive repository.

Well, hopefully this new website will solve that problem.