Regarding monsters in FE8

  1. What do I alter so that monster weapon descriptions also show the stats of the talon/claw/etc? (Currently it only shows a text description and never actual stats)
    2 Why don’t monsters have the ability to fight in the arena? Is there something I need to edit/a default weapon they need to have?
  1. That is tied to the weapon lock being used by monster weapons. If you use Venno’s weapon lock system, you can circumvent that (and then what was formerly your monster weapon lock is just a “do not display weapon stats” ability which might be useful to you as well).

  2. No clue about the Arena. Not much research/attention paid to it in hacks, I’d honestly rather see it removed to free up memory space lol.

Hm alright. I am working on a FE8 fix patch for the randomizer so I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t some easy nightmare tweak first.

U monster

But yeah, question 2 is somewhat important seeing as it randomizes monsters fairly often.

I’d imagine it has to do with weapon ranks. Myrrh and Fa can’t fight in the arena either, right? (Not that there’s any arenas after you get Myrrh.)

Though, can the weapon-using monsters fight in the arena?

Weapon using ones can, yep. I guess that means the arena’s usability is tied to weapon ranks. Hmm… maybe if I gave them E ranks in something…

That probably wouldn’t work unless you set animations for those weapon types for those monsters; the Arena doesn’t function correctly if it can’t find a valid animation for both competitors.

Huh? I thought the weapons animated properly already @claws/talons/fangs. I must be misunderstanding :slight_smile:

if you give them E swords it will give them an iron sword

Where does it determine ranks and equipment though? It has to determine that somewhere. Maybe I can make an invisible monster weapon rank and then link that rank to a basic weapon?

You could try making them have dark magic and switch their weapons to custom dark magic tomes?

That will still make them use Flux in the arena though, and furthermore unless we’re talking mogalls, the monsters won’t be able to use dark magic anyway.

Yeah in the end, solving the arena issue looks either non-doable, or too much of a pain to be worth it. At least I got the first question solved. Thanks arch.

As long as it’s just an animation issue, you can give it a sword rank and a sword concealed as a monster weapon.
But if it selects the weapons automatically instead of using a class x weapon array, then that’s not doable.

Unfortunately I never saw anything like this in the NMM files so I doubt it does. That would be for the best if it did.

It selects the weapons based on highest weapon rank - give a wyvern rider S in dark and it’ll gladly have him use flux in the arena, for instance.