Recommended Fire Emblem GBA games to play?

Hey so I’ve been getting back into FE and want to play some more but I’ve run out of games on 3ds and since I have an GBA emulator I often use for Pokémon rom hacks I figured maybe FE might have some too and wow there’s a lot so that’s what I want to ask you all. What GBA FE games are good and worthy to be played? I am waiting for FE Three Houses (I’m team Golden Deer btw) and figure that I have enough time to play one more so can you all give me recommendations please?

Really all of them are great games, but if you’re coming from 3DS, I would recommend playing The Sacred Stones first.
It’s got one of the strongest Fire Emblem plots, interesting characters, and it has the ability to grind, which the other two games on the system (FE7 and 6) don’t have.

Thank you! I was looking for a bit of an easier game to start with and grinding while not fun does help! I’ll check it out! I was looking to play a rom hack but if the official games are good why bother? Thank you for the suggestion Regi!

Sacred stones (Fe8) is the easiest fire emblem, but most likely the best crafted of the three games. Even though I skipped the story it stood out to me how good some of the level design was. I beat the game first time in about 12 hours.

Fe 7 The blazing sword, is the first American fire emblem. and well… I know a lot of people on this forum love it, but I think it’s a pain in the butt. It’s got a cumbersome tutorial which lasts for 10 chapters and once you do get to the main game the story is terribly unoriginal and unengaging. There’s a post game mode (hector mode) which is actually quite fun, but you have to beat the whole game before you can play it.

Fe 6 (binding blade, or sword of seals) is the last Japanese-only Fe game. It’s regarded as one of the harder games in the series and has some relatively large maps (compared to modern fire emblem). There are a few English patches for it. Downsides to this game is that it’s time consuming and difficult. I can’t say much more since I’ve only played the first 5 chapters myself.

clearly the best game to play is Different Dimensions Ostian Princess

but on a more serious note I’d say that the best FE ROM hacks would be Staff of Ages, Midnight Sun, the Road to Ruin, Elibean Nights, and The Last Promise (if you can handle the weight)