Recommendation (or not) lists for japanese srpg studio games from

Just played a decent deal of them, think I’d share them here.

Notes: all of them are in Japanese, and I’m only half ass weeb who can barely read and understand Japanese to enjoy the game. That being said, if you understand Chinese (Kanji), you can also somehow comprehend weapons/stats.

Also, I’m a srpg player who prefer simpler gameplays and choose whichever character I like and got bored easily
(so screw engage’s build very good characters SLG gameplay and infinite reinforcements)
Apart from the forementioned, there are a ton of them (being made or finished) on freem that I haven’t tried. (if you can endure using google translate, I recommend losspass’s blog for his feelings and simple guide, for nearly all mentionable ones)

  1. 精霊伝承 (fairy’s inheritation)

Japanese Voice edition (that is also free)
A huge amount of weapons
Pair endings
Great ending for a game
Capture and steal that lets you nab weapons, so you theoretically have enough cc staffs, even sieging spells to work with and plan around later. Also if you have enough con and speed, you can simply disable enemies with only 1 weapon by stealing, without needing to kill it.
A lot of stat boosters, and buyable in secret shop in late game, making your units guaranteed to cap their stats that level up luck matters less (even so, no units will be too op)
Every unit being viable since the growth rates overall is high, include some mov and con growths.

A gaiden chapter on hard mode seems to be glitched to have super inflated enemy stats that it’s flat unbeatable

Too many enemies, making enemy phasing and defeating enemies fast important luckily there are 2 magic units with sol and 2 wyverns making this easier.

Information overload in endgame, with ambush spawns, enemy skills proc, unit numbers, damage calculations became super hard and screwed me over often.

Pretty cliché plot overall, that something appears, and you go and deal with it, rinse and repeat, maybe except some plot twists.

Overall the gameplay experience felt like my first rom hack experience, fun at first, swarmed at last.

  1. Quartum fines

Featuring: Hell no, unless you’re enjoyer of graphics/sprites/visual, I wouldn’t advise you play it.
This one does have great illusts (and by multiple artists) and endgame cg
But the gameplay is…… hell.
Even though the base mov is buffed to 6, most maps are basically a plain map, and are really huge. Imagine playing a desert map without desert, then multiple it by 10.
That, paired with swarming/ambush reinforcements without turn saves made gameplay really bad. At least they’d give you a manukete that can solo the whole game at ch15,

Also a rather cliché plot with average endings but the interactions between characters are interesting overall, although you may spend a lot of time reading them.

  1. ランタイム・サーガ (Runtime Saga)

Considering the name and the title, you might think this is a game with SRPG studio’s default assets, but nope.

Custom game mechanics that is a fresh sight outside of general FE similar games, for examples, this game don’t have casual mode, but has a stat called vitality. When a unit is defeated, they don’t die but vitality is reduced by 1, and a mock battle mechanic that can instant level units to a certain level (but it’s still unpromoted, and mock battles come pretty late), and most important feature is ofc the stat boosts.

A whopping 60+ chapters including gaiden, but each chapter are rather short until lategame, along with lower unit count at both sides (that comes back at bite the game later)

Custom cg

Events that give you various stat boosts and items, and help building characters.

Custom animations, especially critical ones

Named enemies that only appear in hard mode or above that presents another challenge.

2X crit multiplier

2 playable dragons, although most of the time they will stay at human form and very weak so.

Information collection in preparations that shows you secret shop locations, recruit events, picking up items, reinforcement locations (those are what units talk to the player), and other one-time events that give stat boosts/items.

If you don’t want to miss those without knowing Japanese, you can also check out a fanmade wiki and use google translate

Strong character building, with events for most characters, including some that your unit temporarily leave since she don’t want to fight xxxxxx.

Low amount of recruit choices, you will only miss 2 units in the end.

Viability don’t have to come with growth rates and base stats. Camile had trash numbers at both categories, but he’s a support machine, can become a ballistician and shine mid game, and trigger a lot of events for multiple stat boosts for other units. Greg/Philip had really bad stats, growths, but Philip has a really fat promotion bonus, and… good luck trying to get Greg killed with a 18 vit.


(Translation: Then, I will present to you who are honest water strikes that can strike through steel)
This event is about David, the thief dropped a stone on the lake similar to The Honest Woodcutter, but the woman got hit by the rock and decided to attack him instead)

Growth modifying items that help flatting out growths, that makes some units with pretty bad bulk/atk better, unfortunately I missed the def card.


fk leadership stars (before you defend this mechanic, play the game and experience +30 avo/hit in a certain chapter)

I want to use everyone!!! Stanley and Calro that had events that helps str/spd respectively that had 35% measly growth at it, 3 mages, each for magic, swordsmen that have distinctive strengths. (one is good at dodge tanking with 2 skills to help)

Skill emblem, enemy skills are annoying, and my luck at triggering skills that help units survive isn’t helping at all.

Although you can use different units in different maps, I did so and didn’t train any ace units, missed defend growth modifier, had bad luck at growths for physical units, relied on proc skills for walling in mid-game, in the end, I had not enough units that can wall. When the enemy number increase suddenly in a certain chapter that forces you to split your party, the playable unit count made me had a hard time.

No more enemy assassin taking playable units from you, to a point that I thought Murdock will come and demote that guy from assassin anytime soon.

  1. ロンドリア物語 1, 2 (Rondo Ria story)

Gameplay feels like tradition, but the real reason I recommend this is the humors. If you can’t read Japanese, don’t force yourself on this game. You can basically feel the game’s non-serious from the character settings. I personally had a blast reading through the jokes, even if they’re similar to anime and may be cliched.

Gameplay is pretty easy overall, with stat boosters being cheap in secret shops, and stuff one super buff Ria to win. In 2, it’s much expensive so you’d have to play the game normally, but you also got a wyvern rider and a Nosferatu that’s rather accurate, and triangle attack still delete stuffs, including bosses.

Custom cg and music that’s quite nice

Has a gaiden game where they tried to survive in a desert island and the creator’s next game shares the same settings but I haven’t played.

Although I can’t think of anything to put here, I still recommend it for the jokes.

feel free to add any japanese srpg studio games below (vesteria is too well-known though)

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