(Re)Introducing the tag system!

In addition to our content rating tags for the Projects category, we’ve recently added and updated some other tags that will be helpful in finding tools, resources, and assets. I’ve tagged a few things already as examples, but it’s far from a comprehensive list.

Click any tag to see all topics tagged with it.

Let staff know if we should add more tags, and help make finding stuff easier by tagging your own topics!


A few suggestions:

#feditor for the real old fossils of projects, more-so for any retroactive tagging
#misc_engine for things like custom engines or any non-SRPG stuff
Some hack status suggestions:
#reskin / #full_custom
#complete / #wip / #cancelled

I also feel that the casual user would find the simple #fe8 more intuitive for finding FE8 hacks and the current FE8 could be #fe8_resources or something, but I don’t really want to rock the boat.

EDIT: The system isn’t allowing #snesfe usage to tag my SNESFE projects. Either that should be allowed or a #snes_base counterpart should be created.

EDIT2: Perhaps a #text ? Though to be fair, it doesn’t really come up that much.

EDIT3: Better clutter this post than clutter the thread, in my eyes. Is it meant to be the case that #other_engine can be put on a concept but none of the other engine tags?

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Fixed now.

Hack status tags are a good idea, that’ll be on the to-do list. [EDIT: we now have #complete_project, #wip_project and #inactive_project]

It was created but wasn’t yet assigned to a category, should be fixed now.


Thanks for doing this, Gamma.


Amazing job, Gamma!! Thank you! :slight_smile:

A very minor addition, but an appreciated one.