Ranking Fire Emblem

I got an idea. Let’s rank all the FE games!
To make this easier for you, I’ll be going by every five games.

All the criterias are ranked on a scale from 1 to 5.

These are:





and Difficulty

At the end of it I’ll create a ranking based on which games you think are the best and the worst in the series.

Here’s a link to the first poll:

Rank them fair, do not let nostalgia guide your hand!

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Ok, GBA games go in F tier then :smiling_imp:

EDIT: I am a terminal moron and forgot this doesn’t have the GBA games

So for Difficulty is 1 like super hard and 5 is easy peasy? Or is it more of super unfair and fair?

It’s bullshit/unfair - fair but challenging

Cool Idea, lets try it!

cool I can finally rate genealogy gameplay as horrible

All right!
Here’s the second poll!

Today we rank FE6- FE11

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Today’s the day for the third poll.
We will rank FE12 - FE15. FE14 has been split into three and these were in fact separate games.
Have fun and vote!

Alright! This is the last poll. We have to rank the four routes of 3H, each separetly.

Finished, willing to see the results :smiley:

Can’t wait to see GBAemblem low ranking.

please please please please please please please please…


So! Voting’s over! Now, I’ll present to you the results, which are… interesting.

First of all, the Story ranking.

By the popular vote, the FE game with the best story is:

FE9: “Path of Radiance” with a total score of 4.57 points!

The second place belongs to FE4 with 4.41 points and the third to FE5 with 4.02 points.
The award for worst story goes FE14 “Fates” - Revelation route with an abyssmal 1.33 points.

I must say I’m surprised. I was sure FE4 would win by a large margin, but it seems you really like the FE9 story!

FE15 and the Blue Lions and Golden Deer routes of FE16 made it high, too. From the Kaga games, FE4 had the best story, from the GBA age it was FE8, FE9 was the best of the peroid before Awakening. Awakening was bashed very hard, getting the penultimate place before all the Fates games.


The award for the best gameplay of the series goes to:

FE14 “Fates” - Conquest route with 4.11 points!

Not very surprising, Conquest is universally agreed to have the best gameplay despite its abysmall writting.

The second place goes ex equo to Blue Lions route of FE16 and FE10 with 3.86 points. Next we have the Golden Deer route with 3.83 points (closely followed by Black Eagles route with 3.8).

The award for worst gameplay goes to (again) Revelation. It’s a bad game.

Surprisingly FE6 got much worse score than the other GBA games.


The award for the best characters in the series goes to:

FE9: “Path of Radiance” with 4.33 points!

Seems you really like FE9!

The second place goes to FE15 with 4.2 and the third to FE4 with 4.02 points.
Not really surprising all of these games are known to have great characters and story.
And the “award” for the worst story goes to:
Yes, not Revelation. I agree with that verdict - Birthright characters are so blad and boring.


And the award for the best music goes to:

FE15: “Echoes: Shadows of Valentia” with 4.53 points!

Technically the second place goes to Black Eagles and the third to Golden Deer, but I decided to merge FE16 for this one (since the music is mostly shared) which gives them a second place with 4.21 points. The third place goes to FE10 with 4.11 points.

The award for most bland OST goes to FE1 with 3.28. It’s kinda obvious as it was the first game and the software wasn’t particulary great yet.

The difference isn’t very big though, the music is very good through all of the series.


And the award for the fairest diffculty in the series goes to:

FE9: “Path of Radiance” with 3.7 points!

The second place is FE8 with 3.62 and the third FE7 with 3.5

The difficulty seems to be either “OK” or “BULLSHIT” There’s little in between.

The award of most bullshit difficulty unsurprisingly goes to FE5 with 2.35 points. Well, it’s FE5 after all.

And now, overall score!

The award for the best FE game ever made goes to:

(drum rolls)


Wow, you really like FE9. I must say I did not expect that. I would think that either FE4 of FE16 would win. But no - FE9 won! Nice!

Here’s the whole list:
1st place: :1st_place_medal: FE9: Path of Radiance :1st_place_medal:: 4 points
2nd place: :2nd_place_medal: FE15: Echoes: Shadows of Valencia :2nd_place_medal:: 3.87 points
3rd place: :3rd_place_medal: FE4: Genealogy of the Holy War :3rd_place_medal:: 3.8 points
4th place: FE16: Three Houses - Golden Deer route: 3.76 route
5th place: FE16: Three Houses - Blue Lions route: 3.73 points
6th place: FE16: Three Houses - Black Eagles route
and ex equo: FE10: Radiant Dawn: 3.64 points
7th place: FE8: Sacred Stones: 3.61 points
8th place: FE5: Thracia 776: 3.49 points
9th place: FE7: Blazing Sword: 3.41 points
10th place: FE16: Three Houses - Church route: 3.4 points
11th place: FE3: Mystery of the Emblem - 2nd book: 3.37 points
12th place: FE3: Mystery of the Emblem - 1st book: 3.21 points
13th place: FE14: Fates - Conquest: 3.18 points
14th place: FE6: Binding Blade: 3.11 points
15th place: FE11: Shadow Dragon: 3.08 points
16th place: FE13: Awakening: 3.06 points
17th place: FE12: New Mystery: 3 points
18th place: FE2: Gaiden: 2.96 points
19th place: FE14: Fates - Birthright: 2.81 points
20th place: FE1: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light: 2.8 points
21st place: FE14: Fates - Revelation: 2.54 points

I would like to thank everyone who voted. You guys and gals are the best!


I can’t say I’m surprised with these results but I’m not happy about it either

This is really interesting! Thanks for the effort!

Wow, this sure was interesting to participate and react to, but i have the feeling that very, very few people participated, which mean we lost a lot of opinions and diversity.

Welp, maybe in the future we can repeat again.

Anyways, thanks for the effort Jey, this was really cool.

About 30 people per vote. It wasn’t bad.

Im mean, yea, its not bad. But 30 from, for example the 500 views this post has its low.

Cool data honestly. Nice

I knew people loved Tellius! Overall, these results seem pretty fair (Even if they were only decided by a handful of people)
The thing that surprises me the most is the Gameplay section. FE4 over FE6? Really? It even got beaten out in characters, too… But I guess that’s just personal taste.

I wonder if we could do this kind of polling in the future, too. Maybe ask questions like “Which Fire Emblem games have you played/beaten”, “Which game is best balanced with permadeath in mind”, etc.