Ranged staff animation bug with SkillSystems

So. I’m using the SkillSystems Buildfile, and after assembling my ROM, it breaks the animation of ranged staves.

Staves such as Physic or Berserk will display only the close up, or short range (2-3 range) animation. But the long range animation effect (such as for seige tomes) won’t display. It’s replaced with the short range version.

This is only a problem with staves. Seige tomes display the long range animation correctly.

I tried assembling the ROM again a few times, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Anyone know why this is happening? Or how I could fix it?

No, you aren’t.

This is completely pointless. The entire point is that it builds the same thing every time.

From SkillSystem_FE8/_FE8EssentialFixes.event at master · FireEmblemUniverse/SkillSystem_FE8 · GitHub

//use the Uncounterable flag for long-range anims instead
  ORG $57314
  BYTE 0xF

This 0x0F determines the range at which the siege-range animation is used instead of the normal range animation.
Changing it to a higher number is a fix for handling the interaction between the Longbow and Bow Range increases to not use the super-long ranged animation, though Sme also noted in the comments around the creation of this fix that this shouldn’t affect staves.

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On it, chief.

As 2WB said, this was the result of an update from 11 months ago to change how longbows set range for battle animations. To get around this and set super long range animations for something like staves, you need to set the Uncounterable bitflag for the item.


Thanks. This fixes it

What do you mean with “no, you aren’t”?

From https://github.com/FireEmblemUniverse/SkillSystem_FE8:

FE8 Skill System

From the thread; [FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 254 skills done, more on the way

“[FE8] Skill System”.

And from Sme; of course, the obligatory

In other words, there is no S, and perpetuating this is a serious issue because it objectively makes no sense (it is one system not an amalgamation of them).