Random portrait things, I guess (F2U Assorted Stuff)

I am a spriter. A spriter still learning about everything, to be exact. I make random portraits, from pokemon (mainly Meowstic), to anime characters. I’ve made some portraits lately and would like to share them here. Please don’t be too harsh on me.

  1. Chuuya Nakahara from Bungo Stray Dogs Chuuya
  2. Giorno from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Giorno%20FEGBA
  3. Male Meowstic (Re-Make) MeowsticM%20Redux
  4. Sweater Espurr (Re-Make) Helena
  5. Noah (OC of sorts) Noah

This is my random assortment of stuff, all are F2U. I do take requests, but I am nowhere near the best. I hope to learn more about spriting in the coming days and years.

Update: If anyone would like to see a specific character made, leave a comment or message me and I will create them and leave the image here. I will update this thread as frequently as I can.


Hey, these are fun. They’re not quite meshing with FEGBA style in terms of proportions and shading atm, but I look forward to seeing more from you in the style!

Thank you. I like to try to mix GBA styling a little bit into my style, and I enjoy doing so. Some day, I will perhaps try creating fully GBA styled portraits.

Can I use these portraits for my rom hack?

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Yes you can, F2U means free to use.

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ah, ok thx