Random issues

Heya all, I’m hard at work on my hack, and I’ve run into a couple issues using FE Builder I’m hoping some smart, experienced people could assist with.

  1. I attempted to have money stolen from my party. Which works fine. But when it is given back, with the notification of getting my 5,000 gold, it’ll be an inventory item only worth 2,500 gold if sold.

  2. I edited Ross into a different class, set up promotion tree, minimally edited his lines, and when he auto-promotes, it freezes. Is there a special patch/process needing done?

  3. When going through the Unit Status screen, if I highlight the section to the right of luck, the game crashes. Idk why, I can’t seem to find a cause.

  4. I created a Wind tome for one of my characters. They are sufficiently skilled, it shows in their inventory, everything looks good, but they can’t use it to attack. I made sure the item is labeled “equipable”. Does something special need done?

I know these are kind of vague, and I apologize, but I’m pretty new to this and I don’t know the right questions to ask. I’m happy to provide any additional info you need! Any help or direction is much appreciated!

Hello! I would recommend not using FE Editor, as it is old and bad. if you would like a program with a UI, check out FEBuildergba. FE_Builder_GBA -- If you have any questions, attach report7z

I would also recommend joining the discord to get your questions answered faster. https://discordapp.com/invite/34Pjeww

Thank you! I meant FE builder but my keyboard didn’t know that :joy:

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