[Random Idea] Either/Or Weapon Levels

The idea is, implement a way to have a weapon wieldable as, for example, either an A in Anima or a B in Dark,
or maybe a B in Anima or B in Light,
or even, an A in Anima AND A in Light AND A in Dark AND a B in Staves (idk maybe the final spell an archsage main character gets in a game or something?)

I think this is readily doable by an extension of @Venno’s prf-array hack, especially with the soft caps. Basically, mark it as prf, then do the applicable checks to see if a character can wield it.

Okay, I looked through @Venno’s weapon lock hack and, uh, I don’t know what to check where. But my idea is that the entry has the 0x4 and 0x8 bit, with the 0x8 bit telling it whether it has a custom and/or weapon level check with 0x4 telling whether it’s or(0x0) or and (0x4) . Then it’ll have 8 bytes telling it the weapon levels it needs in each of the 8 types, then the normal rest-of-the-array-hack.

But I don’t feel up to hacking this in myself into someone else’s code, so, uh, @Venno, it’s your code, so I think you’d be able to navigate it easier. (I guess we organize our code vastly differently, eheheh)

That’d be cool.

(Arch said he thought of something like that when he was making that Ragnarok animation)

That’s more than doable, yeah. I’ll get on that sometime soon.

Yeah, I thought of this expansion when rewatching that video and recalling that thought.

That would be awesome! :smiley:
Looking forward to it.

Halberds classified as axe that can also be used with a lance rank. And of course Ragnarok working the way I envisioned it.

Color me stoked (cwutididthar?)

I had an idea a few years back to have dual weapon levels as a requirement for a single weapon. Poleaxes would need X level in lances and X level in axes to be wield-able, and would be much more powerful than a regular weapon as a result, albeit weighing more too.

Either/or works as well I guess, but a dual requirement would be badass.

That’s already a thing, @Venno did that.


Yeah, my idea was to have a bit specifying whether you needed an AND conditional or an OR conditional. Venno has it as part of the weapon lock array. (idk if it’s backwards compatible? @Venno)

It’s backwards compatible; if you don’t use the AND/OR conditional bit, the setup is exactly the same as before.