Raiding Villages with bosses

I was trying something new and decided to make bosses be the ones who destroy villages. Except nothing happens and the boss keeps trying to destroy the village over and over. Is this suppose to happen? The destroyvillage AI works fine with normal units so I’m guessing bosses can’t sack villages?

In tiled, my destroyed village layer is under the normal village layers. Ex. ID 1 is normal village closed gate and ID 0 is destroyed village layer. Unless its different if I want boss to be able to destroy villages?

Do you have tile change events? Are they/the LOCA event set to be 1 tile ABOVE the village to be destroyed?

Do you mean manual tile changes? I’m using Tiled btw. Are manual tile changes needed for bosses to destroy villages? Because my villages work perfectly fine when normal enemies raid them. It’s just when I put the ‘DestroyVillage’ AI on the boss, the villages don’t become destroyed.