Radiant Dawn FE10GameData Tools

So, for the two people who are modding Radiant Dawn at the moment, I created a pair of Python scripts that allows you to edit character, item and class tables without having to deal with all the pointer stuff that comes with wanting to expand those tables. It’s not super neat, it’s basically just extracting the data to an Excel table that you can edit.

In order to run this, you first need the following:

  1. Python 3
  2. xlrd Plugin for Python
  3. xlsxwriter for Python
  4. Some way to edit xlsx files (I use Microsoft Excel)

Now, after installing the necessary programs, download the tools from >>> here <<< and extract it to a folder. Decompress your FE10Data.cms file and then drag it onto Extract.bat. After this is done, a xlsx file named “FE10 Data Table” will be created. Open that file in the program of your choice and edit away.

Before you save your changes, go to the “String List” sheet in the file and sort the column from A to Z. The main reason for this is because there’s a random blank entry in there that might throw things off. Also note that if you add a new string (like adding a new item with the IID “IID_GURGURANT”) you have to add that string to the String List Sheet or it won’t build correctly. After this, save the file. Lastly, you just drag and drop the Excel file onto rebuild, compress your newly generated file and put it to the test.

Some things to note here, you can only expand the Character, Class and Item tables. I don’t really understand enough about the other tables to program them to expand correctly. Secondly, you can’t change the order of the sheets in the xlsx or else it won’t work when trying to rebuild (blame my lack of experience with Python).

It might cause some issues, I’m still working out the kinks with the file but it works for me pretty well and makes adding new skills to characters a cinch.