Radiant Dawn FE10GameData Tools

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So, for the two people who are modding Radiant Dawn at the moment, I created a pair of Python scripts that allows you to edit character, item and class tables without having to deal with all the pointer stuff that comes with wanting to expand those tables. It’s not super neat, it’s basically just extracting the data to an Excel table that you can edit.

Download the tools from >>> here <<< and extract it to a folder. Decompress your FE10Data.cms or FE10Battle.cms file and then drag it onto the corresponding Extract.bat file. After this is done, a xlsx file will be created. Open that file in the program of your choice and edit away.

Before you save your changes, go to the “String List” sheet in the file and sort the column from A to Z. The main reason for this is because there’s a random blank entry in there that might throw things off. Also note that if you add a new string (like adding a new item with the IID “IID_GURGURANT”) you have to add that string to the String List Sheet or it won’t build correctly. After this, save the file. Lastly, you just drag and drop the Excel file onto the corresponding rebuild batch file, compress your newly generated file and put it to the test.

Some things to note here, you can only expand the Character, Class and Item tables. I don’t really understand enough about the other tables to program them to expand correctly. Secondly, you can’t change the order of the sheets in the xlsx or else it won’t work when trying to rebuild (blame my lack of experience with Python).

It might cause some issues, I’m still working out the kinks with the file but it works for me pretty well and makes adding new skills to characters a cinch.


Sorry I’ve never used Python before, how do I install the two plugins you’ve attached?

If you have a virtual environment (or conda environment) setup with your specific python version, you can install both those packages using pip. Once installed, the scripts should run.

pip install XlsxWriter
pip install xlrd

If you need more help, feel free to DM me on the discord and I can get you going.

So, I was inspired a little bit by these tools and made a few not so user friendly tools to compile changes into the army data in zmap/bmapXXXX/dispos_x.bin files and the shops in Shop/shopitem_x.bin. I did this mostly so I could easily make the edits that your tool couldn’t do because it only edited the FE10Data.cms file, such as starting classes, inventory, shops, and enemy ai. It’s probably even more quick and dirty than your own scripts. I haven’t made a script to turn the data in the files into CSVs like you have either.

All this being said, you can look at this extremely experimental wip here.

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This looks interesting. Something that was brought up to me is that since my method completely rebuilds FE10Data that it would increase the size of iso patches. This is a repointer so this wouldn’t have that issue. The only downside to your method is that you have to manually read the file so you know where to inject the pointer.

Since these files have mostly the same structure, could this be used with FE10Data or FE10Battle too?

I know very little about FE10 Data, but anything that uses string IDs in both fe10 and fe9 can in theory use this. You are welcome to try the dumper i literally perfected 2 minutes ago on it. In theory, it should allow you to edit FE10 Data if it functions like shop and army files.

here is the link to the program i listed above that assembles them and the new dumper i just wrote. Once again, not user friendly at all.

This is a revision of @HeartlessSeph script that reassembles FE10Data.cms. It is used the same way the script above is listed, except you do not have to worry about the sheet titled Strings. If you add a new string in a cell, it will be handled automatically. Using Seph’s example, if you added “IID_GURGURANT” you no longer have to add it to the strings list. Do not delete the strings list however, it will cause issues.

Script can be found here!

Been a while since I made a post here. Just thought I would put a small update on another tool I made for Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. It’s a cmp/pak extractor. First you need to download this Romhacking.net - Utilities - Nintendo DS/GBA Compressors and extract lzss.exe from it.

Then download this Dropbox - Tellius-CMP-PAK.exe - Simplify your life and place both of them into the same folder. Then all you have to do is drag and drop the cmp file that you want to extract. To repack, drag and drop a folder with the cmp files you want to repack (the structure should be the same as it is when extracted).

It should work on any cmp or pak files. Let me know if any issues pop up and I’ll fix them.