Quick question regarding items

Hello guys.

I was wondering if there was some kind of event routine you could run to essentially replace the weapon (e.g. remove the weapon from inventory then add the new one). Any ideas?

Think something like the Falchion turning into the Exalted Falchion or the Yato getting upgraded.

I think @CT075 made something like that

The difficulty is finding where the weapon is, like if the user traded the weapon off of the character or something.

I did this once for FE6 as an ASMC, allowing you to replace an arbitrary number of items at once. Could probably convert to FE7/FE8 without much trouble. Main thing would be updating the size of the item table/unit struct.

It searches the inventories of all units plus the Convoy, so it doesn’t matter where you have the item.

ooh, thanks!

the FE7 version would be nice, thank you.

You can make a PRF weapon untradable.

yeah, but what I was trying to do was basically

give Weapon A to lord

down the line, give Weapon B to lord and swap out Weapon A

think Falchion > Exalted Falchion

To ensure it remains in inventory you have to edit the trading, storing, sending to storage (when too many items), and give all items commands, plus any prep screen equivalents. And also set it as unsellable/undroppable. I did it for FE8 but ended up not using it for gameplay reasons.

Wait, what? Since when? How?

Do you have notes on how you edited trading for FE8.

My mistake, apparently you can only make them unsellable in the item editor module. Sorry.

Based on jj’s notes

okay, so after some thinking on this topic, I just realized what I really needed:

Basically I’m trying to see if there’s a routine or an EA command that basically drops a particular item from a particular unit’s inventory, and the rest can be done easily as it’s just giving an item to the main lord.