Quick question on the Rumble effect [Solved]

^in EA
it says the code for Ending the rumble effect is EndRumble,
but when I use that code, it says there’s no code found.

does it have to do with
#define EndRumble "ASMC "
is it being commented out in the EA standard library that makes it not work?
Also because there’s no ASMC code for ending the rumble?

I really need to have this effect to work lol, help plese!

Edit- Why does feu turn pound sign followed by text into big bold text :o?

uh…yeah that’s what a comment does… makes it not-- whatever I’m not doing this; you’re just unaware, not stupid

when something is commented out, it’s not read (aka the compiler ignores it entirely).

no I know that lol and I already said that but there’s no ASMC code after, but i thought DoF or the Zhack had figured it out/ done it. Is it documented somewhere on how to fix?

or do you not need an ASMC code to End Rumble and its commented out for no reason in particular?

idk this isn’t my strength haha

I have some notes posted here.


U lege!!!

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