Questions Regarding FE GBA Technical Limitations (Solved)

Hi! I’m new to Fire Emblem Romhacking and got started with FE_Builder_GBA a few weeks ago. My Current project is fairly simple, (Some stat changes, messing around with classes, and learning to write event script.) but I have a few questions regarding where FE 6,7 and 8 have their limits. (My next project isn’t ambitious, but it might push the limits of the software.)


1.) What are the max dimensions for a map in any one of these games?

2.) Looking around, it would appear that the max number of enemies allowed on a single map at a time would be 50, Max number of allies 20, and max number of player units 62. Are these numbers correct and what would be the side effects of using any one of these maxes? (Would the game crash/ lagg like heck?)

3.) How many events can I have in a single chapter? (Either a hard number, or before the game starts suffering noticeable duress.) (Depending on how well this experiment of mine goes, we may be talking 150 events in a single chapter.)

4.) Is there a max on the turn counter? if I were to, hypothetically, have a chapter go for 100 turns, would that be an issue? (for the software, not the player lol.)

And… (I wasn’t going to asked this, but might as well…)
5.) Can I take tiles from one tileset and put them in another? (Like say I were to combine the Field and Village tile sets for my map. Is that doable?)

I know these question may seem a little ridiculous and you may be thinking, “Who the heck would need to make a 100 turn chapter with a kajillion events???” But I’m really just trying to scope out the landscape, so I don’t get started on something and then find out halfway that what I’m trying to do is impossible, or needs to be rethought. (Don’t worry, I have a plan B.)


I’ve never done this before, but this is apparently how you do it.

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Most questions have already been discussed. I don’t remember the accurate numbers. Maybe you can do a search to find their answers. Of course, if you do some ASM hacking, some limitations can be broken.

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There shouldn’t really be a problem with 50 enemies. I have had it lag a few times on enemy phase but that’s about it. Allies seem like they are much less likely to lag, and would you ever really want 62 player units at once? That seems kind of pushing it.

Considering FE builder lets you set an event up until turn 255 I doubt turn 100 would make much of a difference. I’ve never really sat out for 255 turns though so I can’t say if that has an adverse effect on the system.

I’m still new to this myself so take this with a grain of salt. But I have been working with builder for a month or two. These also might not answer your question. :sweat_smile:

I think he was referring to the max number of player units that can join your party before they stop saving properly, and in that case, I think that’s the correct number(I had counted 69 before, but I think that may just be the number of B/W/L data that can be saved, whereas the actual main space for player units is 62)

That makes more sense.

For question 1, I’m going to tag @Sme since they know exactly what they’re talking about.
For question 2 I believe it is 50 player units active at once, but 62 saved (on your team, benched, whatever terms you use).
For question 3, it’s unlimited barring the ROMs cap of 32mb. Keep in mind though that if you have enough events being checked it could cause lag, but you’d need a veritable shitload.
For question 4 I believe once the counter caps it just freezes there. So it won’t break the game.
For question 5 yes, but you’d need to edit the tilesets manually. Do note there are palette restrictions as well so it’s not as simple as a strict copypaste.

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Thanks everybody! I think I have most of the info I need.

In regards to the max map dimensions I can probably just play around with it and find what works and doesn’t.