Questions on Text Inserting&Repointing basic

I just try to reset Eirika’s name as a test. What I have done in FE8_Clean.gba is following such step:

  1. take a new name “Eirikaa” in FreeSpace $B2A610
  2. go to here, [Text Table + Eirika Offset]=[0x15D48C+0x212*4]=[0x15DCD4]:

    as I thought here should be where the Eirika name pointer is, then I take here as (FreeSpace | 8 0000 0000)=88B2A610.

I saved these 2 changes, running the ROM, then VBA crashed:

Acturally I’ve found aother guy’s problem on Text, and I thought maybe I should #include a file named “_FEditorAutopatches.event”?
The source of the file shared in that question has broken. So it’s kind of you sharing a new link of this file!
thank you very much!

I have done the same thing in SkillSystem Patched ROM (SkillTest.gba) and have successfully made it:

  • Name “Eirikaa” in $B2E060:

  • Eirika Offset in TextTable=[$B2A610+$212*4]=[$B2AE58]:

    and the VBA works fine:

    so I thought it should not because of any mistake of the method itself.
    But, although it worked in SkillTest.gba, VBA will also crashed in FE8_Clean.gba when I did the same. That’s what really confused me

Do you have the FE8 essentials installed on the first one? Text editing like that requires the “Anti-Huffman” patch, if I recall.

Why are you manually hex editing here?

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It works in skill system and not FE8 clean because skill system has the anti huffman patch. Text in clean FE8 is compressed using huffman compression. Try searching for the Eirika string and you won’t find it.

A couple things:

image Notice how no vanilla text entry has that bit set.
The highest bit here (the | 0x80000000) marks that the text entry is made for the anti-huffman patch, if you don’t have it then it won’t work. Both because the address will be wrong (the anti-huffman would clear the highest bit, vanilla will not) which might be an issue on emulators (I think it would not be an issue on the GBA) and because you are trying to make the game read this: image which the game won’t understand unless you have the anti-huffman patch.
You need this file:

You seem to be adding these changes in manually through a hex editor. Why?
Even if you wanted to do stuff manually like that (no reason to, we have tools to handle it for us), why not do it using EA instead?

Also, you said you are using VBA? That emulator is very old and very inaccurate, I recommend you get mGBA instead:


well… acturally for studing and test, and I thought this way maybe more clear when questioning ( that You can acturally see an “Eirikaa” in HxD XP)

thank you I have solved it!

Now I insert " _FE8EssentialFixes.event" from SkillSystem and it worked!
thank you for all of your advice!