Questions about Tiled map changes and War Fog during skirmishes

1 - Tiled Changes

During skirmishes, do all of the tile changes trigger? (ruined villages, broken logs etc)
Or only specific types of tile changes?
Is there any importance in the order and ID of those automatic tile changes?

2 - Skirmish War Fog

Skirmishes sometimes have a Fog of War, sometimes they don’t.
What’s the trigger to this?
How can you disable them in skirmishes?

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I really don’t get how map layers should be made for skirmish maps.

Main map layer is this:

This is the supposed ID0 changes that occur in skirmishes (?)
Not sure about X and Y properties on this one.

This is ID1 and ID2 concerning the top village

ID3 and ID4 for the logs on the water

ID 5 and 6 for the south village

So basicaly are these correct?

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Apparently it’s not ok since I can’t even insert the damn thing.

Remade the whole ID0 layer top to bottom as the main one (except for the tile change areas)
and then an error says it surpassed the index boundaries.
(even though Height, Width, X and Y are all properly configured)

Then removed layer ID0 completely and now it says there’s an unassigned tile change…

No one knows how Tiled works for skirmishes?

Are you sure your Main layer has the property “Main” in it and nothing else?
EDIT: Whoops, didn’t see it. My bad.

So your tile layer 2 is to make all changes?
Do you have empty space in between the villages and bridges, or is it filled in with the tiles present on the map to make it perfectly rectangular?
It should be the latter.

Not sure if Layer2 should even exist or not.
I only read that ID0 tile changes trigger for skirmishes.
And in vanilla game, all of the tile changes occur (broken bridges, shops, houses and villages)
so I made Layer2( ID0 ) to have these changes.

First, I tried it with spaces which as you said didn’t work.
Then I made the whole map again in Layer2 (from 0,0 to 25,15) including the tile changes
as a whole rectangular and even configured the new properties.
It didn’t work.

Then I removed Layer2 (ID0) and kept all of the above layers
with their deafult IDs (1 to 6) and then with new IDs (0 to 5)

Nothing works.
Keeps saying a tile is unassigned or that the index is surpassed
even though I’ve checked the properties over and over.

I’ve inserted other maps with/ without tile changes successfully with working events
but this village+skirmish map is just annoying.

Could you attach the tmx, please? I could get a better look if I have the file.

Ok. I’ll send you 2 versions of it. One with the Layer2 and one without it.

Also on the same tile changes there some differences in my try to find what works or not.