Questions about Fe7 Promotion

Where is Eliwood’s forced promotion? (And where do I make it so that he can promote by seal in his own mode)
What is that ocean seal that promotes lord classes doing in the data? can I change it?
Can a “Reset seal” that promotes Soldiers, Bards, and Dancers into themselves work?

Thanks in advance

Yes, you only need to make them promote themselves in the class module

Eliwood and Hector’s forced promotions are done through events (and those events call a routine). It occurs in Cog of Destiny.
IIRC the Heaven’s Seal has 2 different promotion pointers. One for Eliwood mode and one for Hector mode. Try adding Eliwood to the list of characters for his mode. You might need to repoint the list.

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Do you know where th event is located?

If you use EA, it’s located in the ending event as

ASMC 0x79AF5
STAL 1250

If you use FEBuilder I’m afraid I can’t help you.


Dangit. Time to look into whether EA will kill my builder project. Although Builder may be able to do the same things as EA

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I don’t have a clean FE7 rom on me right now, but I believe you can check Cog of Destiny’s end event in FEBuilder to find it.

If I am wrong, please correct me.

I got the event fixed :slight_smile: