Questions about enemy colour palettes fe8 febuilder

For some reason they enemies remain their generic colour even though I checked this box

Am I doing something wrong? what should I do to get the enemy have special colours?

What are you attempting to accomplish? Have all enemies use a new generic palette? Or have a specific character use a specific palette as an enemy?
By checking that box, FEBuilder sets all five palettes to be the exact same, matching that of the designated player palette for that entry.

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Custom pallets for FE8 units are assigned according to the following rules.

  1. Unit pallet

In FE8, there is a branch promotion, so the unit may be in more than one class.
Therefore, there is a table that defines the pallet assignment for each class of unit.

In this example,
If Fraz has ClassID 0x5 Cavalier, use Custom Palette 0x55.
If Fraz has ClassID 0x7 Paladin, use Custom Palette 0x3D.
If Fraz has ClassID 0x35 Great Knight, use Custom Palette 0x29.

If it doesn’t match this table, it will be “Generic colors”.

  1. Generic colors

If you haven’t assigned a special color, a generic palette of battle animations will be used.

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