Question Related to # of units recruitable. [Solved]

What was the maximum number of recruitable units? I have 56 listed for FE8CM but if there’s a limit of like 51 then I’ll have to cut some out. Anyone remember offhand?

I know that you can’t have more than 50 deployable – not just because they won’t be deployed but there’s only so much you can store in the suspend save data. As for actual slots… try it and see if anything breaks?

I’ll never need more than 12 deployable on a map, but as for the maximum number that can be in your party, that’s what I care about. I think FE6 had like… 60 units?

I have made a hack that lets all of enemy bosses join us and kept my team in the max number of units.
I remember that the max number of recruitable units is different between the story mode and extra mode. The max number the extra mode can keep is 51, while the story mode can keep more units than it.It can keep 62 units in my team, but considering there are 3 characters who can summon phantoms in my team(Lyon,Ewan and Knoll), so if I keep my team in 62 units, there will be no position left for the 3 guys summoned. Finally I kept my team in 59 people with 3 characters who can summon phantoms. 59 recruitable units + 3 phantoms summoned = 62 units in my team.
What’s more, I believe that the number can be increased if you hack the ways of unit data storage, because there are 4 bytes useless each units unless your units need to master both wepons and tomes.

62 huh? That’s… perfect. I have a potential 5 summoners, so 56 guys + 5 summoned units is 61 units. That barely fits!

you could repoint the unit struct array to some other RAM location

How tho

The same way you repoint anything else although repointing RAM addresses is more dangerous because RAM is volitale so you have to make sure that:
1: the space you’re pointing to is actually free
2: the space isn’t volitale ie it won’t change on you without warning

If you already have enough space then it’s probably more trouble than its worth

I believe it is not the position in the ram but the size of a save file that limit the number of recruitable units.

Save data IS in the RAM. The structs are bit packed to like half their size and stored in SRAM (0xE000000-0xF000000). The entirety of the SRAM might be full but I doubt it. I’m pretty sure the problem is with data overflowing into the enemy unit structs but I could be wrong.

I comfirmed there are some free space in the save that can be used because I remember a merchant which can stored 0xFF items in a hack.

Yeah you’d probably have to repoint the SRAM and WRAM addresses
Again, probably not worth the effort

Wait, it comes to me that there is a strategy players use to block the enemy reinforcement in FE7, which is the max number of enemy units is 50, so maybe the max number of player units, enemy units or NPCs can be increased by reallocating their position in ram?XD

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That’s pretty much exactly what I said

I traced and found the limit to the max number of units was set in the program. The reason why the story mode can hold more people than extra mode is that you cannot enter extra mode without battery memory. If you use bettery memory instead of emulator memory, the max number is 51.

The loop to load character data from save is here:

mov r5, 32h
sub r5, 1h
cmp r5, 0h
bge LoadCharacterDataFromSave

The program to load character data from save runs 51 times, so the max number is 51.

It’s actually 50, because it stops looping when it hits 0, so it only runs 50 times. I investigated all of this when doing some hacking for Elibian Nights. It’s a bit more difficult than it looks to change, especially, @Brendor, since you need to shift the offsets of all the other safe file contents as well.

So…the limit for FE7 is 62 or 51?

50 units (same as deployment).

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Are you absolutely sure? Cause…I just checked FE6 has like 58 controlable characters…FE7 has 43…so i think there is enough space to keep em in storage, even if you dont deploy all…

So, in FE7, would it be possible in any way to have more than 50, just in the party. (Specifically, 54 including Merlinus-replacement)