Question Regarding Shadow Dragon (FE11) Enemy Dispos Editing

So I’ve been making an FE11 rebalance hack, and so far everything’s been going fine using Nintenlord’s .nmm files with the exception of the Enemy Dispos editor. For some reason the enemy coordinates on them are just nonsensical. As an example, a unit will be listed at 16Y, 5X, but then I attempt to change their coordinate by say moving them 1 on the X Axis, it’ll instead just move them 3 tiles. Their base coordinate also rarely matches their actual coordinate on the map in the first place, leading to me having to completely trial-and-error to see which enemy is which if I’m trying to change a specific enemy’s weapons or class.

Does anyone have any solutions to this and/or is there something I’m completely missing here? I know FE11 hacking isn’t exactly the most popular, but I figured this would be the best place to ask. Thanks.