Question regarding running a custom scripts off of using an item

I currently working on a rom hack of fe 8 (using FEbuilder) and was curious if the was a possible way to have an item run an event script, the idea I had in mind was to make a chapter where the objective of it was to use a crystal at the end of a passage that would create a bridge to cross and end the chapter.

All help will be appreciated, Thanks!

(also I kind of new so sorry if this isn’t the best way or place to ask this question)

Would having an area event that checks if the item is in the unit’s inventory also work for this?

I’ve thought about this sort of thing before and how it wouldn’t be too difficult to write, so I went ahead and wrote a hack for this. You can find it on my asm thread, or it might make its way into febuilder patches in time.

When I first started asm, the first thing I learned was how to simply call an event. It proved useful and inspired me to eventually learn more. Best of luck with your hack either way.

Thank for your help!!!