Question on Character and Class IDs

In the character editor in FE8, is there a limitation to which ID values I define as a playable character? For example, will the game allow me to define 3C or 7A to be a playable character with support conversations or is it better to just stick with specific ID’s.

Similar question with classes. Can I make the Gorgon Egg something totally different? I am guessing the game does something special with that class.

Regarding the gorgon eggs, I’ve run into trouble editing that class slot before as it has a lot of hardcoded elements to it, more specifically regarding the inability to access their inventories. I recommend avoiding modification of that slot.

As for playable characters, I think the skill system doesn’t save skills learned for character IDs past 0x45 or so. Otherwise, there’s no limitations on characters. Any ID would work fine.

Thank you! This is good information to know and helps a lot.

To add to the playable characters question, the reason learnt skills are not saved past a certain character ID is that Win/Loss data only exists for characters up to that ID, so even if you are not using skills you lose on those statistics.