Question about Imhullu and Gharnef animation from Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon:

Hi everyone! I would to add to my personal hack of Fire Emblem 8 the animations of Imhullu spell and Gharnef Palette color and Portrait… someone has worked on it? Thanks :slight_smile:

I know people have figured out how to port spell animations from the DS games back into the GBA ones, but only a few of those are available. You’ll want to check for any spell or battle animations, since there is a lot there. I don’t think anyone’s submitted a port of Imhullu’s DSFE animation, though, I’m afraid.

In regards to a Gharnef battle palette, DSFE characters actually don’t have unique palettes at all; they’re just assigned one of nine or so preset hair color settings, and Gharnef is a Sorcerer, a class on which hair color isn’t even visible. As such, in battle, he looks exactly the same as a generic enemy Sorcerer would. It should be pretty easy to make your own custom palette for him, though. You can color pick from existing GBAFE battle palettes to give you a starting point (remember, all RGB values must be evenly divisible by 8!) and reference his official art to see what colors should go where.

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Thanks for the informations, how can i create my personal portrait and also palette color?

Well, if you don’t want to wait for an answer, Google is your friend. Making a portrait requires artistic ability and minor knowhow of the image restrictions. Palettes are mostly just recolors of battle sprites and you should be able to search how they work.

You can also browse free to use portrait repositories, although I dunno if Gharnef is out there atm.