Question About How To Import Soundfonts into FE8

Basically what the title said. I’ve got this soundfont (FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3 to be precise, it’s the default one for MuseScore) and I want to know how to input it into the game. I already know you can input individual sounds and stuff like that, but I’m not sure if I can just plug the entire thing in there or if I have to go instrument by instrument or something like that.

I have an SF2 if SF3 in particular don’t work

Anyways, anything helps. Thanks in advance! Merry Christmas!

Main reason I’m asking this is because I absolutely HATE the guitars in FE8.

You have to import samples individually in .wav or .s form; you can’t just batch import soundfont files. It’s best just to rip samples directly from other games using Sappy or VGMtrans.

Also, I seem to recall the distort guitar in FE8 sounding okay as long as you only use it for low background notes that sound like chords. The problem with guitars is that there are so many styles of them and the samples are usually only good for playing a pretty narrow range of notes, which is why GBAFE guitars sound terrible when you take them out of context.