Question about Fates reclassing

I couldn’t find this anywhere, and I don’t know where else to ask, but if a character’s level is capped, can they still obtain skills when reclassing (eg. Xander reaches level 20 as a Paladin and I reclass him to GK, can he still learn Luna and Armored Blow?)

No. Not without an Eternal seal to allow him to further level.

No, only buying a level cap extender will help expand their level cap by 5 is when you get the skills from that separate class from the same class tree.
For example: Cavalier promotes to Paladin, you get the skills from levels 5 and 15 when promoted, and when you reclass to a Great Knight, you still have the same level but get the skills that are already exceeded past level 5 and 15 and get that said Luna and Armored Blow. It’s not the best example but hopes it’s understandable.