Question about adding character palettes with FEbuilder


I am a noob with hacks but I’m slowly learning. One thing I’m curious about is adding more character palettes with FEbuilder for FE8. I see that it seems possible with ASM and buildfile but those seem a bit more advanced then where I’m at at the moment.

My thought is a saw that there is a patch to add 3 classes to promote into (thank you to who created that) but when picking the 3rd class the palettes seems to just be the generic one. I tried adding a palette to Forde for example. I gave him General for his 3rd class and created a palette for it but when promoting i still just got the generic color scheme. Is this something febuilder is capable of?

If this question was answered elsewhere, feel free to link it. I tried looking but didn’t find a specific answer.

Hello :smiley:
The only thing that I can think of now, is that you mixed up the male and female general class. They look a lot like eachother. If that is not the issue, I’ll help you look into it further.

I did check that and it seems like that may have been my mistake. Thank you. Now for my real issue. Same issue but dealing with the trainee classes. My thought is to expand the pupil to promote to mage, shaman or monk. Since we already have the 7 palette cap, is there a way to expand this to include 3 more? In this case monk, bishop and sage (sage is reused so just 2 i guess)

For as far as I know there is no other way sadly, however the pupil class does take a slot but does not use a palette. Either there is a clever way to manoeuvre around this issue, or you could look for a patch. An idea could be to apply the unique battle animations patch so you can give everyone a unique animation with a unique palette. Be creative and you will figure it out! :slight_smile:

Thank you! You have given me great ideas to play around with.

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