Put synonym/mispelling for Hello here

Hello there. I’m Daniel, and I’m either annoying or boring, depending on my mood

Here’s my probably wrong impression of myself anyways, because what even is introductions

I crave intellectual discussions, but i’m not very smart, I don’t talk much, I’m pretty naive, i’m immature and I enjoy insulting myself and sometimes others instead of contributing.

I have no talents except speaking broken mandarin decently, but this year I’m doing IST as one of my electives so hopefully I do something.

I like complaining a lot and exaggerating my problems, which probably comes from being a part of the bourgeois.

I can write poorly.

I like to make people think i’m funny, but i just steal jokes from Bo burnham and Jacksfilms.

None of this matters because i just lurk a lot.

I’ve drawn this on for too long.

The real reason I’ve created this is that the writer of the popular fanfiction Wayward Son has given permission for me to bastardise his wonderful work by making an awful hack of it. However, I have no clue how to hack yet, I abandon long term projects a lot, I use a mac (which apparently is awful for hacking and stuff, I can’t even patch the new EN beta because it’s not working) and I procrastinate way too much so this probably won’t come to fruition anytime soon.

Time to end with amazing jokes


What do you call a pansexual man named Nick who works for a disc company? Pan Nick at the disc co

No i didn’t steal that joke what are you talking about

I use the enter button too much in the vain hope that if I use it enough I’ll get a sense of humour.

That joke is awful, so therefore it’s my original one

Welcome to the forums! I would recommend reading this if you ever get stuck, and don’t try to do too much at once. Take it slowly and perhaps you’ll make it to the top! Many of the other regulars would kill me for linking that tut because they consider it outdated, but I’m not too fond of the replacements.

When in doubt, tell NUPS to “ignore” the patch not matching the original file. I probably used a bad base FE7 ROM when making the patch, but other people appear to have gotten it working.

Anyways, welcome to FEU!

Bonvenon en FEU!

—someone who isn’t very smart either, has no talents except speaking broken Japanese decently, exaggerates his problems, writes poorly, tries to be funny by low-balling his humour until it’s at rock bottom, lurks a lot, drags on introductions, is an evangelist for a fake language, and, well… I don’t actively try to make mods anymore, but I sure do like making resources for other people’s!

You’re gonna be okay, dude. :hugging:

[obligatory “Don’t try to insert music using the Ultimate Tutorial’s method. It will end up with you sitting in a cushiony room in a straitjacket.”]

My, you’re an interesting one.
Hello and welcome to FEU!