PSX Tearring Saga


Is anyone interested in hacking Tearing Saga ?

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I’m interested in doing so, since it’s one of the 2 Kaga era FE games I actually liked, I think, I haven’t tried Berwick Saga yet, but I wouldn’t know how to do so.

Honestly, my first intent for hacking would be to fix the translation patch, so I can get past chap 19 without it crashing

Can you hack it ?

I don’t know of anyone who’s actually hacked it, other than the translation patch author.

Not a real fix, but just play though the chapter with your save on an unpatched rom

Look to my work

Note: I don’t mean Translation, changed characters.

Here: yAH
You can find some hack of my country.

good, can you show me some pics for any hack ?


Wow incredible !!!

You are change characters by any character from story ,right ?

I would like change events and music…etc

Do you have forum or know forum for hacking Tearring Saga only ?

I don’t know, but I think have many forum like that but we can’t find it.

Are you ASM for hex editor ?

Do you have tools for Tearring Saga ?

Like TRSModify

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Yes that is, can you please upload it here or PM ?



Oh man thanks a lot :innocent:

I wonder why not translation tools full ?

For translation TRS version , Money Modifier :0D14A11C

It was translated 75%, and reason I don’t why,too.

I can’t let enemy join with my allies by used TRSmodify ?

You can’t do it with TRSModify, it can be only do by hex editor. But have one method for you to do this, it is change the portrait and class in player’s character to the enemy unit.

I know that but I ask you if you have another method for join enemy with my allies, I found in quick save state by hex editor to how to change enemy to npc or allies and bandit. but when I changed enemy to allies he is still in list enemies, I wonder why not change ?