PSA: This is how you do "spoilers" in Chrome


***Why do we have to use HTML codes for this?*** Aka "collapsible text" since jattwood (discourse's primary author) feels that calling it a "spoiler tag" is misrepresentational of its actual function and has thusly not added them to his forum software's special markdown text thingamajiggy.

Thank @CT075 for figuring this out.

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Wow, that’s fucking annoying to type out. Thanks a lot, Jattwood.


crack isn’t actually whack
50 cent wasn’t shot 9 times
and this doesn’t actually work

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Test? lol


i suppose it might be a good time to mention that this only works on chrome and i think later version of safari

literally everything else will see no change, as the <details> tag is only implemented in fully HTML5-compatible browsers (ie chrome and later versions of safari)



While I’m here it would probably behoove me to mention that I’m still working on making a non-html reliant version for this forum as a plugin, but it’s been slow because I have other projects on my plate right now and it’s not quite my priority.

but good to know