PSA: BwdYeti's FEMapCreator had a long-running bug where people could not get terrain to generate properly. Install XNA Studio. That's it!

Another PSA by Klok.

In BwdYeti’s FEMapCreator tool, you can randomly generate maps from scratch, or fine-tune maps by placing down terrain tags to generate terrain. The thing is, this often didn’t work for many people. Look at the image above. On the Tileset window here…

“Show Terrain Types” is checked at the bottom, yet the tileset appears ‘normal.’ It should look like this:

Terrain tags should be covering every tile, but they don’t. This is why the engine wouldn’t generate terrain properly.

To fix this… just install XNA Studio 4.0 (Or higher, if that ever comes out).

That’s it. Problem solved.

This stupid bug has been vexing people for quite literally years. There are still unsolved requests to fix it on Serenes.

@Fateborn… your question has finally been answered after half a decade.


lt doesn’t seem to be as simple as installing XNA Game Studio…because the installation refuses to start unless you have 2010 versions of Visual Studio and the link leads to the 2019 version. Either that or some obscure issue with Windows 10 is interfering with it.

However, the Framework redistributable seems to have gotten things to work for me:

I should probably revise this tutorial.

Theoretically, FEMC runs on exactly the same framework as Tactile. If you get Tactile installed and working perfectly, FEMC should, as a byproduct, also work properly.

But I can’t confirm this as I’ve literally never had a problem with FEMC, likely because I’ve always properly installed Tactile.