Proposal: PME Category and/or Tag

PMEs have become fairly popular recently, and due to their nature, they’re often at the top of the FEU main page. As someone with no interest in seeing the topics, I’d like if there was a PME category (probably a subcategory of Projects) or tag, so I could set the category or tag to Ignore, but I’m sure it would also help people who are interested in PMEs find those topics.

sorry about the grammar I’m typing this at 1am

Sub-category of projects or community feels right for this - I agree it’d be nice to be able to opt out of these threads w/o needing to mute each one.

Struggling to think of the right catch-all term for these sort of “community input projects” since PME, while common, isn’t the only form they take. Curious if anyone else has suggestions if we were to pursue this path.

Daily reminder PMEs are just the modern equivalent of ye olden Forum Hacks, but worse, and none of them were ever good.

But it’s still nice to see new creators having fun and learning to romhack with these little communal projects. There’s a silver lining to everything.

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I think a tag is probably a good idea.

(this was not posted to suggest that I think that a category is not a good idea, but let’s stick to the more lightweight one for now)


While we are at it, it’d be nice to get tags for rebalance / reskin / custom as well under projects. Could see this being nice for sorting.


Think of the next generation of ROM hackers who are willing to go creative, who knows. Guess it’s time to get a new tag for the PME.

But the main question is… who inspired them to create PMEs?

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I have added the #pme, #pick_my_edits, #rebalance, and #reskin tags. We’ll be manually sweeping through to add these tags to relevant threads over the next few days.


But are those really PMEs or just “Make a hackrom for EK”?

Specific tags are a nice addition


pretty sure i was the first in the surge, but idrc who is actually is

Perhaps we should distinguish between fe8u/fe7u and the japanese versions for tags?

There aren’t that many hosted here afaik, so it’s not a big deal either way.

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Lol you’ve got a point in the first part