Promote Lord (turned Cav) with Knight Crest


I changed Erika from female lord to a cavalier and the knight crest is not working to promote her. I have been messing around in FEBuilder to no avail. Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you!

I fixed the last issue, that is what the edit is for lol

go to the advanced settings and click promotion item

then you click on hero crest and then data expansion

then raise the data by 1 and confirm

then you click the new class which defaults to the first one listed (mercenary in my case) and click through the numbers next to class until you find the class you want to be promotable with the hero crest (make sure it’s the right cav class there is one for male and female) you can easily check the number each class is set to by going to the class list

hope this helps!

there’s nothing that should make it so eirika can’t promote with the right item, my lord uses the same eirika data and they’re able to promote with any item with their class listed.


Absolute legend of a comment! Extremely thorough!

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I assume it worked then? If you have any small scale issues like this feel free to DM me before making a thread, and as always if you have large issues like glitches you can’t seem to fix or stuff like that you can reply to the creator’s thread, from my experience they should get back to you within a few days and use screenshots and detailed explanations like I just did.

the best way to gain new information is to poke around in threads about game design, ask questions, and mess around with FEbuilder until you’re familiar with everything it has to offer.


Thanks a ton, my guy!

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