Project of the Week Voting: THE REVIVAL OF THE REVIVAL

Participate in FEU’s first round of “Project of the Week” voting!

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Betcha didn’t know we had polls on here, did ya?

Basically, whoever wins the poll gets their topic set as a banner (it’ll appear at the top of the forum until a user dismisses the notification) for one week. To ensure that the spotlight gets spread somewhat equitably, a “Project of the Week” won’t be included in the following week’s poll.

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I think something broke.

My vote doesn’t count towards the total number of voters since I created the poll, but still counts my vote for whatever reason. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s throwing the numbers off.


i read that as banned for the week ;;



that can be arranged too


Time to annoint next week’s featured project. Vote in our poll below!

  • The Road to Ruin
  • KelssFE
  • Fractured Realms

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can we please have the colour of the banner changed?

What color should I change it to?

Like… a lighter grey or something?



Abusing my staff privileges I attempted to edit an image into the first post of ghast’s topic only to find that images and apparently other special text formatting won’t go into the banner. Can we fix that?

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I’m on Firefox, and the banner seems to display images and other formatting perfectly well on my end.

Also congratulations to @Primefusion and The Road to Ruin, our second Project of the Week!

Oh, my bad. I think I just needed to hit refresh…

I suddenly feel so exposed.
Like you’re all peeping on me or something.

stop making me feel like I have to accomplish something

wait what why was I even considered; i post like 1 update a year(if that many)

you’re the only non-FE7x project on XNA that has a topic on FEU and you posted an update recently so that makes you eligible

goddamn it

So Road to Ruin got bannered for over two weeks, lol. Time to vote in a new project of the week.

  • Immortal Sword
  • Exalted Legacy
  • Fractured Realms
  • Dust to Dust

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Project of the Fortnight is go?

I mean, we probably don’t have enough projects to continue featuring one every single week…

I voted Dust to Dust, because frankly the big projects get plenty of screen time, LP’s, etc. It’s nice to give the lesser known hackers coverage. Also that hack is sofa king cool

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