Project Exile controversy

I hope I’m not stirring up too much shit as I’m really just curious… But it seems like there was quite a bit of drama over something with the Project Exile patch. I know a lot of people disagree with which localized names were used and which weren’t. But I’m curious if it really was just something that exploded and caused the SF thread to be shut down.

I read in the Vice article that many had issues with some creative liberties that Cirosan took with the script, and maybe the thread just boiled over into a shitfest. Personally, I think as long as nothing about the coding process/practices are kept hidden or obfuscated, whoever puts in the work should be able to do what they please, but I’m guessing others may disagree.

I realize this may be a somewhat sensitive topic, and I don’t mean to stir things up more than necessary, but I am curious about what actually happened. Thanks.

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I honestly wish there was a controvercy about using newer localisations at all since except for a few little things(like the loptous and loptyr-thing appearently) are just inferior to the localisations earlier done.

I am going to cautiously allow this thread to remain open, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it closely. Please remember to remain civil in this discussion. In particular, I’d like to avoid speculation and ad hominem attacks about either of the projects or their leads here, and will be ending this conversation if it devolves into that.

Cirosan/Miacis, as always, if you’d like to talk, you know how to contact me or the other staff members.


Honestly, in my thoughts on this whole shitfest that seemed to happen. What I gotta say is, why in the hell does this whole thing gotta be so serious?? Like it’s honestly stupid to be mad over some script differences, all they’re doing is just translating a damn game so that everyone can understand the story and what the characters are saying to each other in their personal conversations. Japanese is a challenge to translate and that those that tried long before Cirosan stepped up to take the challenge, the people that tried end up vanishing apparently. So where were these people that are getting mad at him when we ALL had nobody willing to take the mantle to get this game translated? They should be grateful he stepped up to do it and gather them to make this shit happen, whether it be some name differences or some damn plot differences. Look, I could honestly care less about names. If the translation of the plot and the conversations is at least accurate, that’s all that I could care about. But if this whole translation is not accurate in simple English sentence and that it throws things out of whack, then the project as a whole would have been a failure and the team as a whole fails on everybody who wanted this to be done. This shouldn’t be about differences, its about getting shit done and have it out there in the public.

On a personal note, I was honestly a bit mad that because of this whole issue he decided to not put anymore update to it for there to be more fun for us players. I understand wanting to take a step away for this to blow over, but letting it stop you for the passion you have is disheartening. That new update he had in mind would be have been even more fun, but thats all I’ll say on this matter. I just hope he pulls through with it and make it happen because I respect the work and effort he put in along with his team.


Some name changes I understand are weird and I don’t agree with, but still Its not like it’s canon and you have to call it that. I’m not calling LoPtyr Loptous even though it’s in FEH. Or the Pugi as Phuj? Or however it’s spelled. Like I’ll read it, and still call it the name I like.

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I’ve learned not to bother with arguing over translations from my time in GFE1R.
People who had no idea what they were talking about trying to be all high and mighty rightfully made me crack the shits and leave the project.

“It was a b originally where did you get the v from” just up the shut fuck.

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I agree with this for the most part. While I definitely think that people have a right to express discontent and be as angry as they want, attacking a team that has provided something quite valuable to the community with no expectation of compensation over those feelings is beyond being a choosey beggar.

Even if some of the dialogue and/or plot strays from our amorphous understanding of ‘canon’, this is just the tone that the Project Exile team chose to take. I see every translation/localization as a work of art, and it is impossible for its artist to not leave a fingerprint. This is “Project Exile’s Thracia:776”, and anyone who takes issue with it is free to play Shaya’s patch, or try and make their own.

To me, the stupidest part of all of this, is that nobody is forced to only use the Project Exile patch. Prior to the project gaining significant momentum, life would have gone on with Thracia patching being mostly inscrutable. But all of a sudden, this team puts in all of the work to crack it, and god forbid, add their own interpretation, and people from out of the woodwork throw a temper tantrum because it wasn’t the way they wanted it. Yeesh.


Look, it’s fine to be angry about something and express discontent. We all know that they did this work with no expectation of compensation, now just because they did the effort and I respect them for it should not mean that they are excluded from anybodies opinions on them. If you think thats beyond being a choosey beggar, so be it. Not gonna change your opinion on my opinion.

Absolutely, it is indeed a work of art to appreciate and for all to enjoy or exactly not to enjoy and play the other patch. Right, anybody is still free to make their own version to it and let it be played as well.

I agree, nobody is definitely force to only use Project Exile. Could have never gotten a new one or someone that could not have been Cirosan taking the challenge with or without a team, Thracia would just be there for us fans to play and just wing it. See, it depends on the person’s own interpretation. If this was done by one person, the person is free to put in their own interpretation and nobody can tell them no or yes. However, you’re part of a team. As a team, you work together and crack the words. If everybody’s interpretations is different from each other, uh-oh what do you do? Especially if you’re the leader of the team, do you just pick and choose whichever you feel is right? Well, some may just do that or they think on it together whether its a fitable interpretation or not. Besides that, throwing a temper tantrum is never good, though neither if they were once part of said team and didn’t like the interpretation direction all because it wasn’t the way they too wanted. Yikes.

I think calling the incident “a temper tantrum” and speculation/judgment about what happened internally or who was part of what team is where I am going to draw the line. There are people who have inside information on the situation, it is up to them to come forward if they wish. Please DM me if you are one of them (I mostly know who you are already).

If you’d like to discuss the merits of the project and the quality of the translation itself, please do so in the actual project thread.

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Disclaimer: I don’t mean to put words in anyone’s mouth and you should probably wait for people more closely involved to clarify things.

The “controversy” as I see it here has little to do with the contents of any translation project and more concerns the expectations and permissions regarding the use of Project Exile and its components, namely its script.

In December a set of edits to Project Exile was posted to the Serenes Forest forums by Miacis, leading to commotion between Miacis and Cirosan. The post remains here after a decision by the SF staff.