Project Endgame Help Wanted

Hello, I’m Slowpokemasta, and I’m working on my second hack, Project Endgame. It will take a year or so to complete depending on how school effects my schedule. It is a very large scale hack encompassing 30 or so chapters and being a sequel to FE 6, 7 or so years after that games ending. I am currently assembling a team and will be grabbing playtesters later. Currently, I am in need of 3-5 eventers, 3-5 character spriters (portraits and/or custom class spriters) , and 1-3 extra mappers (amounts based on how much you can help you can give but dont put this as top priority). Along with that, if u just wanna sit back and watch, or offer advice (please no spamming or toxicity etc) feel free to join. This is a large project, and ik it will take a minimum of a year or 2, however I think that this would be an amazing collaboration of both old and new talent from across the community and would be a super fun project to work on with this amazing community. For more info and if you wish to join, use the following link and you have my most sincere gratitude. Thank you. (Current team of 3)


Alright I felt like I need to say something about the project.

First things first, I know the mods might say something like "Do not speak in X months old projects”. I am the sprite artist and second in command of the hack so I think it’s fine if I do this god I feel like such a pretentious jerk saying that.

Alright, I just want to let you know that the project isn’t dead but more like taking a long break. A lot of things have happened since the project was started but one of the most impactful was the deletion of the first server due to some hacker getting in a few months ago. This was quite the blow on the project since a lot of crucial information was there. The project lead is currently doing other things until he gets his motivation back but he will be back eventually. So yeah we might have to wait a while.

Now if you want some info, I won’t say much but we have found a story idea that works relatively well with the lore of the Elibe games, we found a way to organize the units, we executed order 66 on most of the cast…. Oh wait…. That’s a bad thing…. Anyway!

We scraped some of the characters who I could have made a portrait for. Most notably Nino. If a character that was scrapped had a portrait, I’ll ask the project lead if I can send them to the repo so they don’t collect virtual dust on my hard drive. (Pretty sure as their creator it’s my right to do whatever with them but just in case).

Have a good day!


oh dang, never even saw this, thanks but ya dont gots ta stick ur head out for me. Appreciate ur help though and yea, it should all be good. To be frank im not sure of the direction of its continuation, however I hope to at least continue and perhaps finish this project eventually. Apologies for the hiatus

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Is the discord link broken?

Indeed, i made a new server after I got hacked. Ive slowed it down for now, but ty though.


Alright, I have an update for the project.

So I was given permission to get everything started in Slow’s stead. Nothing happened to him so don’t worry.

Now what will this mean for the project?

Well it mostly means progress will start back up sooner than expected. Aside from that, there isn’t really much happening differently. I’ll try to keep it close to Slow’s original vision. (Any changes will be with his consent of course)

When will there be a release?

I don’t really know, I’m not great with dates and time management but I’ll try to finish the prologue before next year’s FEE3. One thing I can tell you right now is that I want to focus on Gale of Darkness prologue which shouldn’t take long to finish before truly focusing on this.

That’s pretty much all I have to say at the moment. See you some other time.

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Hi Hi, im alive, I just got back from school, and I came here to literally say the exact same thing lol. Life has been busy for me and my motivation has faltered. Shadowfire, unlike me, has actual motivation regarding the project and so I’ve passed it over to him. I’m still gonna work on stuff and help with the hack and story and all that, but he’s gonna take the lead cause he wants to.


Please tell me why I’d want to help with this project? Currently I know next to nothing about this.
You need to draw me in. Like, what engine is it in, what patches/asm is applied to the rom, I need to know these basic questions.

It was very early in development when this was made so he didn’t have anything to show and then the whole account got hacked incident happened and here we are. Although I do agree with you with updating the post to present things so I’ll do it.

-We are planning for a route split that will merge back FE8 style.

-A lot of returning characters from FE6 and FE7.

-it’s running on FE8 but we try to keep it FE6-FE7 style of gameplay

-A whole new original story taking place 7 years after FE6

-Custom/maybe reused in hopefully interesting ways maps (mostly custom)

-Some custom characters (mostly antagonists)

That’s all I can think of right now. Hopefully this helps!

Oh and a new link because the last one is still messed up.

One last thing, if anyone has some questions about the project, feel free to ping me or dm me. I don’t really mind it.

Hi Hi, sry for the late late response, project kinda dead tbh :sweat_smile: I appreciate the offer however

Uhhhh you gave me the project remember?

yeah, but we haven’t really done much and you’ve got your own stuff to work on so dw bout dis