Project ember

How do i instal project ember?
I need video or very good explanation

You’ll need:

  • A patching program, like NUPS
  • a clean FE6 ROM (check the Project Ember thread for instructions on what specific FE6 ROM is needed. You cannot get ROMs here, I recommend searching on your own)
  • The Project Ember .ups file (PE thread)
  • An emulator, such as VirtualBoyAdvance or mGBA

Use NUPS to select the .ups file and the clean ROM to apply the patch to. Start up your emulator and play.

I hope this is helpful. Good luck.


oh ok can you give me links to project ember ups file and to thread with witch rom should i use?

I cannot give you a link to the ROM. You will need to search yourself.

The Project Ember thread is here - use the search function to find the .ups patch