Project Ember help

Hello, I would like to know certain things about the patch 1. What is the quantity of each promotional item and how do you get them? 2. What characters have exclusive weapons? 3. Are the methods to enter the gaidens the same? 4. What objects are in arcadia?

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Check out the hack thread for info. Also I’m sure that people there can answer your questions.

This^ also join the discord. You can check the download folder (where you got the patch) as I’m sure it contains details you need. All Gaiden chapters are the same and have not changed

I have another doubt… really does not work the normal mode of Project ember?

Normal mode is untested. Hard mode and up is recommended

And… how hard is?

Its not that hard imo, you can do it

Ok, that is my last question. The armor knights and generals are useful unlike the original biding blade?

You mean like unlike any fegba game? Yeah, I mean they’re better. But not amazing

I tried Normal mode for the first time in Project Ember. It does not feel right for my play style.

Armor knights and generals will be instrumental early game considering the fact that enemies do a lot of damage, Bors and Debias alone will be incredibly useful, since units like Marcus are a lot less bulky and units like Rutger are much less dodgy.

They have low stat caps though so when pushing into late game it’s important to not focus so much on armor knights, once you reach a certain point they’ll always be doubled and take some amount of damage.

Essentially armor knights are crutches for the player that progressively gets less useful.

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