Project dnagirB: An FE6 Rebalance Patch

Hello Everyone, I have created an FE6 Rebalance, or project dnagirB.
Apply the patch to a base Japanese FE6 ROM, and be on your way.

You can download the patch here:

This rebalance aims to be an overhaul to fire emblem 6’s overly brutal, generally unenjoyable gameplay. I desired to make it what I would think to be “FE6 But Good”

This hack aims to make a complete overhaul and is not meant to reflect vanilla FE6. If it’s too different from FE6, play FE6. This hack you could generally call easier than FE6, as I wanted to fix a little of the brutal difficulty.


i normally hate fe6 rebalances but i just tried chapter 1 and this is peak, probably the best romhack ive ever played

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Sir, you have done the impossible: you have made the perfect FE6 rebalance. I never thought it could be done, but today I have found a rebalance that I truly respect. Fantastic work, my good man.


I know it’s a dumb question to ask but what changes did you implement


just play it and find out

i know people want to know the answer to that but its honestly so peak, you’ll immediately notice the second you boot it up


This is truly one of the Fire Emblem 6 hacks ever made.

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I just tried ch1 and i like it already.

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This is truly one of the hacks of all time.