Problem with Custom Battle Animation Editor

Is there a defective version of this module or some trick to using it? Any time I try to assign a custom animation to a class using it, it doesn’t work. I have a custom class in slot 0x74(its a Hero) and I set up an animation list for it using the module at offset 08FFF800, but when I assign it, the animation won’ t play. I can assign that class the normal hero animation at 08C99100 and that works just fine. I can also edit the 08c99100 offset with the custom animations and that works fine too.

So the animation works and the class slot works but when I try to set up the animation list in the custom battle animation editor and assign it, nothing plays. Any suggestions?

Do you have a screen shot of what you have entered into the CBA Editor?

This is what I have:

I know in the question I was using 08FFF800 but I tried moving it to see if it worked, but I still get nothing.

So I just set the animation using a Hex editor and it worked just fine. There was just a bunch of 00s at FFF800 before I manually entered the data, So I guess the module wasn’t writing it properly. I guess the issue is solved sort of, I can just enter the animations myself, but do you know why the module wasn’t writing the data?

I’m not familiar with NM2 at all, so I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because you don’t have the hardware offset set to anything? Idk.

Because you have to click outside of the text box for it to save what was entered. Just one of those things.

Yeah that’s definitely happened to me before, but I’m pretty sure I did that this time.