Problem encountered when end the Proc of TargetSelection and back to UnitMenu

Hello everyone, I am mokha, a fresher on FEGBA Hack. For now I’m encountered a problem in UnitMenu/TargetSelectPROC. Here is what I made for now:

When the game end the gProc_TargetSelection and back to menu, it always goes back to Attack_SubMenu( WeaponSelect as I think), whereas I want rountine go back to my own SubMenu.

I think it not important about the question what the new MenuCommand do. It acturally insert the gProc_TargetSelection(PROC:0x85B655C) in Tree 3 ,just as what it did in Attack_SubMenu_Effect(Func:0x8022CF0).

I have probably found out the cause of this problem:
If we Set the interrupt at 0x804EC98(Func StartMenuAt), finally we can find the PROC engine called a function at 0x8022E54:

@Function from 0x8022E54
.set	AttackCommand_Effect, 0x8022B30

push	{lr}
mov		r0, #0x0
mov		r1, #0x1
bl		AttackCommand_Effect
pop		{r0}
bx		r0

This function is interpreted from the a Proc from 0x859B630:

//Proc From 0x859B630

0x8022E54, Third from last.

I currently do not have a good way to solve this problem. If you have studied this problem before, or are interested in this problem, welcome to share your advance. thank you very much.