Prevent map changes

If you visit a village, but don’t want the gate to close, how would you prevent the map change from occurring? Do you need a post event to check if the village was visited and undo the map change there?

Doing this with Buildfiles.

Fairly certain you can reverse the tile change within the event itself if you want that without dealing with any separate event. If that doesn’t work, then yeah, you can have an AFEV trigger off of the village’s flag ID to reverse the tile change. Something like

AFEV flagID SomeEventOffset villageFlagID

should work, with the event offset reverting that tilechange ID. Alternatively, you can use the House macro instead of the Village macro and revert the tilechange within the original event, so long as the village center isn’t important for a chapter’s bandits or something.

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Use the house macro.

Alternatively, make the tile change do nothing eg. be the same tile at the village.


So I’d use the house macro and then manually make the tile change in it?

Yeah, you’d do the tile change manually for the House event since it doesn’t trigger one automatically.


The easiest way is to make it a private house as others have said.
If that is not enough, cancel TileChange with TILEREVERSE.

I have created maps where private houses become stores in the middle of the stage.
When I do this, I use TILEREVERSE to undo the TileChange at the end of the village event, because if I visit the private house, the wrong TileChange will occur.

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I tried tilereverse, but I must have used it in the wrong spot logically because it didn’t work. I was able to get tile change and the house macro to work.