Predicted time on an animation project

I don’t know very much about animating, besides that it can be very time consuming, and slight info gained from skimming the ultimate guide. For a project I’m working on I was hoping to add an armored magic class, and I initially wanted to use the Baron:
But, I was hoping to give it the crit animation of:
Magic (1)
I know I could just use the vanilla/magic version above, but I was hoping to make it much different looking than the General animation I am using.

So, the question is, as Baron seems to use the General animation as a base, would it be possible to give Baron that crit? and if so, what kind of time and skill level am I looking at?

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That’s relatively simple.

You just need to add the hand raise animation (which is only a couple of frames) and the lightning effects. It’s something you can knock out in a couple of hours if you know what you’re doing.

Of course, if it’s your first attempt at animation, it’s probably going to take longer. But as with anything else, you get better at it as you go.

Edit: Actually since you’re new to it, let me be a little more thorough. Basically what you have is the baron’s original animation.

You’ll want to add about two frames to that - one with the arm half raised and one with it fully raised. (You can re-use the half-raised one when he lowers the arm, too.) You can do more if you want to be ambitious; you can skip the middle one if you want, but it won’t be very pretty.

Obviously these are just stick figures, but you get the idea. So now you have


Then you just scribble lightning onto it!

What i did here was i copy-pasted the frames with the hand raised and the one with it pulled back, so i could add moving lightning on top of the static character. And then we have something like this:


Obviously you should try to draw prettier lightning, but again it’s just an illustration.

Anyway the point is, you don’t have to draw a lot of frames to make something like this, you just throw a lot of squiggly lines on it and then it looks super cool or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh shit thanks lol that was super helpful

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Glad to hear that. Good luck with the project.